The school is an integral part of society/ community, so Bright Minds International School seeks to involve all members of the community in the educational process, which has been proven to help raise the academic and interactive level of the child and the family. The relationships we build with the school community of parents, entrepreneurs, specialists, inventors, thinkers, institutions and centres; helps to achieve goals, to converge points of view, and to spread awareness of many local and global issues. These relationships are relationships of understanding between the school and the community so that there is effective mutual assistance that serves the school’s societal goals as well as the local community. In addition, all members of the society are aware of the policies, activities, and challenges facing everyone.

School initiatives

Our school adopts the principle/concept of initiative from students so that they seek to experiment with different interests and learn outside the curriculum, starting from the kindergarten level until the third grade. Our students seek to apply what they have learned by bringing to life community and global initiatives in order to make the world a better place. These initiatives stem from the students themselves and our team supports them by providing the necessary assistance to make their projects a success.

Our students have contributed to many initiatives to serve the community, including:

  • Orphan sponsorship 
  • Ramadan baskets
  • Environmental projects for recycling and water conservation.
  • Awareness campaigns, which include awareness of sustainable resources, awareness of good citizenship, awareness of the Mawakeb Association (a local center that helps to recycle discarded items)
Social skills:

We encourage students to participate in collaborative work that goes beyond the academic

 subjects, in which they apply the skills of research, questioning and exploration, and thus they can solve real problems they face. Students excel in social skills while serving their community, and these skills are summarized in the following::

  • Their self-confidence and sense of empowerment that transcends social relationships into their academic pursuits
  • They learn problem-solving, teamwork, following instructions ina better way
  • Students meet new people and strengthen their ties to the community
  • They develop a sense of responsibility and that they will be responsible for great accomplishments.
  • Children feel proud when they see the result of their community work and how it has helped others
  • Students learn basic leadership skills which achieve the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.
  • Students build with their society positive environment and future.

Parents' initiatives

The partnership between Bright Minds International school and the students’ parents helps them develop successful personalities. This partnership provides students with more opportunities to learn and grow with a greater range of perspectives and life experiences. Through constant communication and cooperation, educators and teachers create important opportunities for students to develop social, emotional and academic skills in the belief that parents’ initiative in the school community in an interactive manner makes the difference.


Parents contribute to the school community in several ways:
  • Participating in school activities with effective attendance.
  • Attending awareness development workshops and parent meetings
  • Collaborating with the school by building community relationships with local and international institutions and companies.
  • Engaging in ongoing active discussions about values ​​and attitudes related to education.
  • Organizing trips for the family school community and supporting school trips.
  • Participate in making decisions in the presence of the Parents’ board and the Board Members.
  • Participate in expressing opinions and achievements and challenges by filling out questionnaires.
  • Volunteering to provide educational and educational visits to the classrooms according to the units of inquiry

Guest and visitors

Bright Minds InternationalSchool has developed different partnerships at the local and global levels. The school realizes the importance of establishing good and harmonious relationships with the surrounding community to increase access to learning opportunities, to inspire students, and to enhance the role of the community in their lives, as these partnerships model the role and influence of different community members on each other. We seek to host many experts in their field, such as CEOs of companies, content makers, broadcasters, writers, engineers, and doctors who hold patents in various technologies, in addition to talented Saudis who hold the banner of winning in international and local competitions.

Influencers invited by the school in different fields/industries:

Art: Plastic artist: Heba Abed- Plastic artist: Andaleeb Murad- Program presenter: Ismail

Literature: Author of children’s books: Hadeel Al-Abbasi- Actress and illustrator: Sarah Taibah- Author of children’s books: Zina Zaidan

Some influencers and decision makers: Chief Executive Officer of many leading Corporations: Mr. Abdulaziz Al-Qasabi- Member of the Shura Council: Lina Al Maeena.

Physical and psychological health: Psychologist: Enas Bin Zagr – Specialist in Learning Disabilities: Zainab Zamzmi – Dr. Shahd 

Technology: Dr. Hadeel Yaqoub is the inventor of the device for converting sign language into spoken language.