Be an inspiring leader through a holistic approach which empowers innovative, compassionate, action-oriented and internationally minded leaders.


BMIS is committed to guiding character, personal, physical, mental, social and spiritual growth of learners through:

  • Developing programs which empower individuals’ agency in realizing their full potential, to take action, be of service and have a meaningful life.
  • Designing personalized learning programs for the best holistic student outcomes.
  • Striving for excellence through a challenging global education, meeting international standards and accreditation requirements.
  • Providing an exceptional learning experience delivered by a well qualified BMIS team who embrace lifelong learning in an attractive working environment.
  • Respecting our local culture and Islamic values within the context of the modern world.
  • Implementing a balanced program to build collaborative lifelong learners who believe in respect for self, others, the environment, and the world.