Our Team

The school prides itself in its selection of educators who have professional education and experience.

Regular training and appropriate professional development is provided for all teachers and staff throughout the year. Our teachers are proficient in both languages, English, Arabic. At BMIS, you will find the faculty and staff enthusiastic about their work and very supportive of the school’s mission. The school’s exceptional positive character provides a nurturing, empathetic and encouraging environment where the children are provided age-appropriate experiences. Our services stretch beyond child care to support the whole family. Families receive constant communication concerning their child.

Our services stretch beyond child care to support the whole family.

Professional Development:

  • Strategic thinking skills- Optimal Transformation Management Consulting

    Putting strategies into action plan to enhance Bright Minds flow of work

  • Concepts based learning - Generation 4 Education

    How to help students to think based on skills and knowledge not only based on topics and facts

  • Play Based Learning

    Importance of motivation to learning and how to build knowledge based on children’s interests

  • Differentiation in Learning

    Understanding individual differences and different learning methodologies

  • Positive discipline workshop- Dr. Noha Alshugairi

  • Agile Thinking- Harvard Graduate School/ Professional Education

  • Making the PYP happen- IB

  • Teaching and Learing workshop

  • Assessment workshop