What makes our school unique?

At BMIS, we aspire to apply quality by following international and local standards by following the KSA Vision 2030, which helped us to build a positive environment with high social values. We aspire to take care of all school community members by applying our values starting with respect. At BMIS, we achieve authentic learning carried out by our qualified team with Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees and many years of experience, as well as their IB training and Positive discipline training as well. Our values, love and passion are clearly reflected in the hearts of teachers and learners, in addition to our keenness to make the school community happy, including parents, students, employees and staff.

  • Our Parents

    We care about our parents’ recommendations and feedback, as students are our first priority. Parents express their appreciation through participating in the ongoing surveys to improve the services provided continuously.

  • Holistic Approach

    A holistic approach that takes care of all aspects of the child: moral, academic, psychological, mental and spiritual.

  • Public Speaking Skills

    What makes BMIS special is our interest in public speaking skills by continuously training children.

  • Child's Self-Awareness

    We care about the child's self-awareness and social awareness through various strategies such as academic and behavioral self-assessment, in addition to their emotional awareness of self and those around them. They become aware of not only their emotions but the reasons and the situations in which they appear.

  • Professional Development

    Our interest in continuous professional development, keeping abreast of all educational developments, and making global and local partnerships with prestigious and distinguished educational facilities.

  • Balanced Bilingual Arabic and English Language Program

    Offering a balanced bilingual Arabic and English language program; and teaching French as a third language.

  • Inquiry Based Approach

    Incorporating our curriculum using a variety of hands-on experiences with an inquiry based approach.

  • Differentiation in Learning

    Creating a plan of action to address the child's specific educational or behavioral needs for children who require Individualized Program Plans.

  • Islamic Program

    Ensuring a unique integrated Islamic Program.

  • Community Awareness

    Fostering community awareness by involving parents and the community in the child's learning experience and by providing many courses and workshops that serve the community by raising awareness of educational and parenting challenges.

Parent Communication

As parents, you are considered partners in the education of your children. We value your input and strive to maintain open communication on a regular basis and in a variety of ways. Should you ever have any questions or concerns, we encourage you to arrange a time to discuss these with a member of the school leadership team. In collaboration with all stakeholders, i.e. students, families, teachers, and administration, the school ensures an effective referral and follow-up process. BMIS raises the awareness among parents by inviting different guest speakers on a continuous basis related to health, well-being, behavior, and academics.

The primary form of communication with parents is via the Toddle App and via email. You will receive frequent updates about what is happening in class through the Toddle announcement function. It is important that parents read these announcements as this will help to keep you informed about student learning, the school events and materials that you may need to share with his classroom. Toddle also provides a journal function, where teachers and students periodically post photos and write ups highlighting your child’s learning.

Student and Parent Support

At BMIS, we believe that students learn best when they have skills and resources to communicate and interact effectively in a social setting. The focus of the student support program is to foster a positive school environment for all students.

This support ensures the following:

Behavior modification in the class to enhance positive behavior both in the school environment and at home.

  • Support for parents of children facing behavioral or academic struggles in school.
  • Behavioral or academic professional advices and steps to follow at home.
  • Workshops, geared at improving relationships between parent and child, are also available with flexible schedules for working mothers.
  • Assistance from our staff to the best of our abilities.